Latest News from the field 2018

A small selection of photographs from the 2018 season.

  • Overview of the 2018 excavation in and in front of the Civic Basilica

    Excavation Overview

  • Mosaic floor from the fourth century AD in the Civic Basilica of Aphrodisias

    Mosaic floor

  • Conservation of the marble tile floor in the Civic Basilica

    Marble floor

  • Overview of the South Avenue excavation area

    South Avenue excavation

  • Aphrodisias’ Selcuk hamam with excavations in the background

    Aphrodisias’ Selcuk hamam

  • Careful cleaning of earthquake debris in the South Avenue area

    Earthquake debris

  • Detail of debris with an Ottoman bowl in the foreground

    Ottoman bowl

  • The Classical Ottoman water channel in the South Avenue area

    Ottoman water channel

  • Remains of a late antique fountain next to the Sebasteion Propylon

    Late antique fountain

  • The South Agora and its carefully protected pool floor

    Pool floor

  • A sandaled foot on the floor of the South Agora pool

    A sandaled foot

  • Introduction of the site to the 2018 team of workmen

    Workmen introduction

  • Evening seminar discussing the Sebasteion

    Evening seminar

  • Introduction to ceramics

    Introduction to ceramics

  • The Aphrodisias conservation lab

    Conservation lab

  • The 2018 Aphrodisias team

    The 2018 Aphrodisias team

  • Part of a medieval funerary monument

    Funerary monument

  • A short afternoon break

    Afternoon break

  • Concert


  • The Civic Basilica at the end of the 2018 season

    Civic Basilica

  • The water channel in front of the Civic Basilica

    Water channel Civic Basilica

  • Excavating the street collapse in front of the so-called ‘Niche Monument’

    Street collapse

  • Window glass attesting to windows in the second storey of the street colonnade

    Window glass attesting

  • The so-called ‘Niche Monument’ and neighbouring hypocaust entrance at the end of the 2018 season

    ‘Niche Monument’

  • One of the statue heads found during the 2018 season

    Statue head

  • Small statue head in blue marble found during the 2018 season

    Blue marble statue head

  • Brick with footprint of a child


  • An inventively re-cut figurine found during the 2018 season, back and front side

    Re-cut figurine

  • A console from the Hadrianic Baths

    A console - Hadrianic Baths

  • The propylon of the Sebasteion at the end of the 2018 season

    The Sebasteion propylon

  • Statuary fragment embedded in a channel wall in front of the propylon of the Sebasteion

    Statuary fragment

  • The Stadium of Aphrodisias after extensive cleaning

    The Stadium

  • The Tetrapylon Street excavations at the end of the 2018 season

    Tetrapylon Street excavations

  • Cleaning the street slabs

    Street slabs

  • A column and capital in situ on the pavement of the Tetrapylon Street

    A column and capital

  • A fallen arch in situ on the pavement of the Tetrapylon Street

    Fallen arch

  • Careful re-setting of the street slabs after excavation

    Re-setting street slabs

  • The conservation team stabilising the pool edge in the Place of Palms

    Stabilising the pool edge

  • Assembling the new display of the mask and garland friezes from the Place of Palms

    Mask and garland friezes

  • The architecture team at work

    Architecture team

  • Our bone specialist at work

    Bone specialist

  • Camel bones found in the Place of Palms

    Camel bones

  • Archaeobotanical research at Aphrodisias

    Archaeobotanical research

  • The 2018 Aphrodisias team

    The 2018 Aphrodisias team


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