Other finds

A small selection of other finds from the excavation are illustrated here in gallery form.

  • Bronze coin of Constantius II, AD 337-361. From Tetrapylon Street

    Bronze coin

  • Fragments of bronze jug with trefoil mouth and Silenus-mask handle attachment. Roman period. From Tetrapylon Street

    Bronze jug

  • Fragmentary ceramic lamps, 1st century AD. From Civil Basilica

    Ceramic lamps

  • Ceramic vessel, 1st century BC/AD. From Civil Basilica

    Ceramic vessel

  • Gold earring with gazelle’s head, Roman period

    Gold earing

  • Gold plated, copper alloy ring with floral motif, 11th -12th century. From Tomb XLV, Triconch Church

    Gold plated ring

  • Silver buckle with birds, 11th -12th century. From Tomb XLV, Triconch Church

    Silver buckle

  • Silver coin of Rhodes, 166-88 BC. From Civil Basilica

    Silver coin


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